riverfrontOur mission for the is simple: to revitalize the , and the .

The River Trail, Adado Riverfront Park and Grand River play host to thousands of people looking for in , each summer. These are sites where families spend quality time together, friends catch up on their busy lives and lifelong healthy habits are formed. It is imperative that we invest in these . Dragon boat racing gives us the perfect platform to attract more visitors and raise money for revitalization projects.

The dragon boat committee formed a partnership with Mid-Michigan Environmental Action Council (an action-based environmental organization) to ensure that all proceeds from the 2011 race are used to create environmentally sound projects that will enhance . A few positive changes have already started to materialize at East Adado Park, the area around the boat docks will being cleared out and additional docks will be constructed.

We are thrilled to bring the fastest growing in the world to Lansing. We hope that this event will spark a new interest in Lansing’s waterfront.

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  1. I saw in the Pulse that you are interested in people joining as rowers. I would possibly be interested. Please send me any information you may have.

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