Final Standings

The medalists in the 2014 Capital City Dragon Boat Race:

Black Turtle Division
1. Anahata
2. Rudderless Renegades
3. KIN Dragons

Fire Phoenix Division
1. BWL AquaAvengers
2. Mighty Tridents of the Middle Grand
3. Scales of Justice

Green Dragon Division
1. Techsmith PaddleOARS
2. Dirty Oars
3. Won Fun Bureau

Guardian Lion Division
1. AFT Kickers
2. WSU CI- Warriors
3. Survivor Squirrels

Red Crowned Crane Division
1. MSU FCU – Green Team
2. Spartan Sea Dragons (MSU CI team)
3. Skate Oar Die

White Tiger Division
1. Longwei LEPFA
2. WCGL SurvivOARS!!!
3. WMU – CI

Panda Cub (Youth) Division
YoungstOARS – Everett High School Cross Country Team

 Photo Information

Looking to view and purchase photos from this year’s race? Check out the gallery from Ariniko Artistry and submit your order to her for great prints or digital copies for your use!


Our teams are gearing up for a fun weekend, but what can you expect as a viewer?


Teams will be practicing all day from 10:30 a.m. to about 5:00 p.m. Stop by to watch from either East or West Adado Riverfront Park.


7:30 a.m. – Teams start group tai chi workout and participate in the traditional Awakening the Dragons ceremony. New this year: a Pink Carnation Remembrance Ceremony, honoring those who have lost their battle with cancer, those who continue the fight, and those who have won their battle.

8:30 a.m. – Races begin!

9:00 a.m. – Vendor Village & Panda Playland kids’ activities open in East Adado Park, continuing throughout the day, including performances provided by various Confucius Institutes here in Michigan. It’s their 10-year anniversary in Michigan, and they are using CCDBR as their big public celebration, bringing Chinese culture from the four CIs here in Michigan – MSU, U of M, Wayne State, and Western Michigan. These activities are geared towards the teams, as well as the public, with free family fun activities.

Post-Race – Awards Ceremony in the Vendor Village

All Day – Food Trucks will be available! Both Good Bites and Shimmy Shack will be on hand under the Shiawassee St. Bridge.

Welcome to the 2014 Teams

Blazing Paddles
Rudderless Renegades
Confucius Institute at Western Michigan University
Aqua Avengers
Won Fun Bureau
Learn a Chinese Phrase (Confucius Institute Wayne State University)
MSUFCU Green Team
MSUFCU White Team
Dirty Oars
Skate or Die
Aft Kickers
Survivor squirrels
Mighty Tridents of the Middle Grand
Paddle to Medal
Techsmith PaddleOars
Scales of Justice
Women’s Center SurvivOars
CI Spartan Sea Dragons
Dragon Party
LEPFA – working on name
Youth Team
Youth Team

2014 CCDBR poster